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International Trade & Export
First of all, thanks for your visiting the homepage of Han's Corp Co., Lt. Han's Corp is one of the sole exclusive export agency and independent trading company exporting various kinds of dairy, beverage, and food products to all over the world.

We, HAN'S CORP CO., LTD, are established and working with a stratigic partnership of one of the best and biggest dairy company, Namyang Dairy Products Co., Ltd, for baby food, milk, beverage, cheese, coffee products-as well as other products posted on our web- in terms of boosting, vitalizing and cooperating overseas business and sales.

So, our company is involved in manufacturing and trading of diverse array of products and services including: Baby Food, Baby Milk Powder, Beverage, Coffee and various Dairy Products, etc.

Since our establishment, our company has been successfully transformed to the ideal shape of corporation up to now, and we have offered high quality dairy and beverage products manufactured in Korea to many overseas customers.

As a cooperative partner and exclusive trade agent of Namyang, we can supply various baby food products and all kind of beverage, cheese, fermented milk and yogurt, coffee, soy bean milk products with a strategic cooperation of Namyang having HACCP and ISO certified and qualified by taking advantage of certificated manufacturing facilities and all resources of R&D for more than 40 years in Korea. Namyang, as number one leading provider of the baby food and beverage products, we guarantee the high quality of food and beverage products as well as various kind of baby foods.

Our philosophy is to make life happier and healthier for people by providing good quality of baby food, milk, baby milk powder, yogurt, instant coffee and various beverage products. With that philosophy, we supply quality the products especially focused on baby food, beverage, cheese, coffee, milk products, etc.

We are confident that our company will satisfy your diverse demands and expectations even under the rapidly changing circumstances in the 21st century, and hope you will find the useful information and data presented here. Your visit to our webpage will be the first step toward a business partnership with us. Thanks again for your visitng, and we keep helping our customers improve their quality of life through better healthier living.

Trade Consulting
We also provides a variety of direct services such as business arrangements and trade consulting, trading services such as market research to collect and report the information including products, market, people, countries, etc. Han's Corp Co., Ltd aims to introduce attractive products by strict screening to satisfy various customers. Furthermore, maintain continuous partnership with honesty and trust. Our main services are 1. Global Sourcing, 2. B2B Merchandising, 3. Online Trade Consulting, 4. Purchasing Agent, etc.

General services we offer for importers/buyers are: +Arrangement and assistance in the business trips and meetings for our buyers. +Helping the buyers in developing new products and assortments. +Sourcing and identifications of local suppliers(Koreans mainly) for our buyers. +Joining and assisting the buyers for meetings with supplies and factories. +Negotiating and acquirement of the best prices and trade terms with/from the suppliers for our buyers and placing the orders on behalf of our buyers. +Order executions and follow-ups, arrangement of shipments/inspection of consignments. +Performing quality control/inspection before shipments. +Helping the buyers in claim settlements with the suppliers/assisting for legal, arbitration matters. +Supplying market information to the buyers. +Informing the buyers of stock offers, offering new products. +Offering a liaison office and general local buying agency services. +Interpretation and translation of all kinds of business related matters, manuals, catalogues, web-sites, etc. in English-Korean or vice versa. +Market researches and Identifications of potential customers/buyers or sellers.

If you need some information for Korea and products of Korea, don't hesitate to contact us. You can find our contact information at "Contact Us" menu.

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