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If you have a baby and are planning to feed your baby infant formula, you may have many questions. There are so many different types of baby powder milk, infant formula and baby food products in the market. Which one is good for my baby? Which brand-name or companies’ are better than the other? Actually there are a few different types of infant formula products, the first one and most common one is cow's milk formula type which is usually goes well most babies. However, cow milk formula sometimes does not provide all the nutrients needed for infant babies so that there could be some special products containing extra nutrients.

We would like to introduce some Namyang's infant formula products as the first general dairy products business operation in Korea. Its high quality and relatively competitive price have created the current reputation in Korea in such a long period since its establishment. With a cooperative relationship with Namyang, we can supply various infant formular products as well as baby food products. The following infant formula products are the brand specialized to express the value of baby's health.


Imperial Dream XO

I am Mother

Star Science

Agisarang Science

Mother's Organic

Hope Allegy

Hope Doctor

Imperial Mom XO

Masterpiece Organic



Imperial Dream XO (Size: 800g, Packing: Tin Can)
Level 1: 0~3 months, Level 2: 3 months~6months, Level 3: 6 months~ 12 months, Level 4: 12 months~ 24 months.

The products, combined with ganglioside-GM3, were formative in improving the immunity of babies. In addition, its efficient formula for products using DHA (an element of brain cells), Arachidonic,Linoleic acid and ∝-Linolenic acid, promotes brain growth. For more information, click here.

I am Mother(Size:800g, Packing: Tin Can)
Level 1: 0~3 months, Level 2: 3 months~6 months, Level 3: 6 months~12 months, Level 4: 12 months~24 months.

I am Mother is a completion of mother's love. From Brain to growth, immunity, and digestion - it is possible for colostrum science to realize a high class infant formula. I am mother uses sIgA, IGF, EGF, TGF-ß as ingredients. Also, in order to help bone development, it applies the GP-C derived from colostrum. For more information, please click here.

Agisarang Science
Agisarang Science focuses on brain development and immunity, in addition to digestion and absorption of nutrition. As such, these processed powdered milk/ food products assist the infant with balanced growth and development of the body and the brain. To see more informationt, click here.

Mother's Organic
The baby science of Namyang Dairy Products created organic baby food made of organic raw materials for the first time in Korea. In carefully concerns babies by the protein composition nearly to mothers protein considering digestion, absorption and allergy as intended originally. For more information, click here.

Hope Allegy
Hope Allegy is a high-quality baby food made for babies who can not eat mother’s milk and powdered milk because of suffering from skin rash, vomiting and diarrhea by milk protein allergy or indigestion of lactose. For more information, please visit here.

Hope Doctor
Hope Doctor is a dietary therapy for babies suffering from diarrhea by temporary indigestion and supply proper nutrition. We can choose Hope Allegy or Hope Doctor depending on babies’ condition.

Imperial Mom XO
As pregnant women’s health is directly connected to babies, nutrition is very important to mothers in a period of nursing. click here.

Masterpiece Organic Agriculture
It is composed of fully reliable 99% organic raw materials and high protein calcium raw materials greatly helpful for physical and brainy growth of babies. Thanks to the hi-tech process that is, real-view process, it improved melting and absorption performance by developing new granule formula where the uniqueness of raw materials remains. For more information, click here.

Namyang Step Granule
This item was produced with the innovative Granule process. Such technology allows the raw ingredients to remain constant and makes their particles visible from the finished product. This baby food is manufactured from the formula that utilizes fresh, living, and carefully selected raw ingredients in addition to application of the scientific formula which helps digestion and absorption of nutrition.

Stronglac 1
Infant Formula for baby fro age of one day to 6 months. In case of brest feeding is not being sufficient or available you can see Stronglac 1. Stronlac 1 contains all essential nutrients required to pormote the healthy growth of your baby as mother milk. All ingredients available in Stronglac 1 are from natural sources. Solution for indigestion problems. Contributes to the strengthening of bones and muscle growth. Better growth of the brain and nervous system.
Strengthens the immune system for the healthy children. For nutritional information, Click here

Strongalc 2
Strongalc 2 is especially prepared to provide an ideal balance of nutrients for baby in is age. Strongalc 2 contains well balanced amount of protein, carbohydreate, fat, vitamins and minerals in a well formulation on accordance with WHO and FAO recommendation. Strongalc 2 is fortified with the essential minerals especially iron for the normal growth of baby after 6 months of age and also to protect babies from iron deficiency anaemia. Strongalc 2 contains Nucleotides which are found in mother's milk to strengthen your baby's A1 ingredietns in Stronglac 2 are from natural sources.For nutritional information, Click here

Stronlac 3
Stronlac 3 is a high energy milk formula specially formualted according to the specific nutritional recommendations for the children aged 1 year and older
Stronlac 3 contains all ingredients especially lactoferrin, beta carotene and others against infection as well as promoting normal growth for your baby resulting in better food absorption which is essential for physical and mental growth and increases your baby's I.Q. Stronlac 3 contains a natural appetizer for your baby. All ingredients available in Stronlac 3 are from natural sources. For nutritional information, Click here

General direction of feeding baby milk products
feeding amount per each time
number of feeding per day
0~1/2 month
7~8 times
1/2~1 month
7 times
1~2 months
6 times
2~3 months
6 times
3 months~100 days
5 times

Feeding Direction Table is based on the recommendation of the Korea Pediatric Society.
Therefore, the amount or feeding times for each individual baby could be different from the direction table here.
Please manage and adjust the amount or times for your baby.

-Because it could be remainder, shake well before opening.
-Clean up the edge of the opening, and then feed a baby with a sterilized baby feeding bottle.
-After opening, please close a cap tightly to preventing the entrance of alien substance within a 0~10 degree Celsius.
-General Size: 400g ~ 920g(various per each product) * 14g stick pouch
-Packing Type: Tin Can

1. To prepare the powdered formula, you need the powder, the baby bottle, and a spon or cup to measure the powder and water.

2. Figure out how much formula you want to make. Pour that many ounces into your bottle. You can use your bottles to measure the water.

3. Dump the powder into the water in the bottle.

4. Stir or shake the powder to mix with the water. Once the powder is completely mixed, it is ready to feed it.

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