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Cheese is a generic term for a diverse group of milk-based food products. Cheese is produced throughout the world in wide-ranging flavors, textures, and forms. There are serveral thousadn different cheese types, but most mommonly used cheese types in the world are more about 500 types. General storage temperatture of the cheese is 1~5 degree Celsius, and number of date is about 3 days. When you store the cheese products, they have to be stored in a refrigerator to avoid being rotten. So, it is better to purchase a small quantity at a time, if there is a leftover, the leftover cheese should be sealed tightly within a refrigerator. Cheese can be enjoyed by adolecent, children, adult, especially good to eat with strawberry.

Cheese Mastro! To give a title of mastro, the 4 rules(ingredients, fermentation, mature, storage) for making excellent cheese must be complied. De Vinch cheese made from vintage cheese, the first in Korea.

1. 2 years matured vintage cheese contained.

2. OPT(Oxidation Prevention Technology) for taste

3. FK(Freshness keeping) packing method.

De Vinch Smoke Ham Cheese

De Vinch Alomond Cheese

De Vinch Chedda Slice Cheese

De Vihch Pizza Cheese High Calcium

De Vinch Mozzarella Slice Cheese

Cheese Mastro Pizza Cheese

De Vinch High Calcium Cheese

De Vinch IO Kids Cheese

De Vinch Level 1

De Vinch Level 2

De Vinch Kids Level 3

De Vinch Einstein DHA Cheese

Milkana Fresh&Creamy

Milkana Brie

Milkana Camembert

Chedda Cheese
De Vinch Smoke Ham Cheese(180g, 18gx10 slice): natural cheese 63%[chedda(Australia)96.8%, original vintage chedda(UK) 3.2% :
milk, starter, milk-clotting enzyme, refined salt], purified water, hand made smoke ham 5%[pork(Korea), cornstarch, onion, glucose hydrocrystalline, refined salf, soy protein(soy bean), Hypro-1, egg albumen powder(egg)], unsalted butter, sweet whey powder, emusifying salt(acidity regulator)

De Vinch Almond Cheese (180g, 18gx10 slice): natural cheese58%[chedda 96.6%, original vintage chedda 3.4%, milk], almond powder 5%. additive ingredient: unsalted butter, emulsifying salt, sweet whey powder

De Vinch Chedda Slice Cheese(100g-20gx10EA, 200g-20gx10EA, 300g-20gx15EA): natural cheese73%[chedda(Australia)97.3%, original vintage chedda(UK) 2.7%: milk, starter, milk-clotting enzyme, refined salt], purified water, processed butter, emusifying salt(acidity regulator), refined salt.

Mozzarella Cheese
De Vinch Pizza Cheese High Calcium 280g:
natural cheese 98.5%(mozzarrella(Autralia)100%), milk, starter, refined salt, milk-clotting enzyme, mixed powder calcium (powder calcium, powder cellulose, dextrose, enzyme)

De Vinch Mozzarella Slice Cheese 180g: natural cheese 68%[rosenheim pizza cheese K(mozzarella cheese, Korea)99.3%, original vintage chedda cheese(UK) 0.7%, milk, starter, milk-clotting enzyme, refined salt, calcium chloride], purifed water, processed butter, greenflag 850S(rennet casein, maltodextrine, carrageenan, acidity regulator), emulsifying salt(acidity regulator)

Cheese Maestro Pizza Cheese 300g, 500g with zipper bag package: natural cheese 98.5%[mozzarella(Australia)100%, milk, starter, refined salt, milk-clotting enzyme], cellulouse(powder cellulose, dextros, enzyme)

Well-Bening Cheese
De Vinch High Calcium Cheese 180g, 270g:
natural cheese 70%[chedda(Australia)97.14%, original vintage chedda(UK)2.86%:milk, starter, milk-clotting enzyme, refined salt], purified water, powder calcium 5.58%, emulsifying salt(acidity regulator), processed butter, refined salt, Casein Phosphopeptide(CPP)0.05%, ferrous lactate 0.02%, powder vitaminE(d-alpha tocopherol acetate, lactos, casein, glyceryl monostearate, acidity regulator)0.06%, vitamin D3(vitamin D3, d-alpha tocopherol, acidity regulator)0.0004%

Cheese for Kids
De Vinch IO Kids Cheese 90g(18g × 5 piece), 180g(18g × 10 piece).
De Vinch Baby Cheese[level 1] 180g. For age of 6 months ~ 18 months.
De Vinch Strong Baby Cheese[level 2] 180g. For age of 19 months ~ 36 months.
De Vinch Kinds Cheese[level 3] 180g. For age from or over 4 years old.
De Vinch Einstein DHA Cheese 90g, 180g, 270g.

* Weight: 90g ~ 300g(various per each product) * Each Slice Weight: 180g or 20g x 10 slices(various per each product) * Packing: Individual slice pack
* Temperature: 1-5 degree Celsius. Please keep the cheese in a refrigerator after wrapping.

Milkana Cheese
Milkana Fresh&Creamy 96g: Soft and smooth cream type cheese with individual packing per piece. Spreadable on the bread.
Milkana Brie 125g: Appearance of this cheese is similar with camembert cheese, but has more deep flavor and plenty taste.
Milkana camembert 125g: Soft and smooth.. Good combination with bread or meat, especially good with wine.

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